Friday, 19 October 2007


A few shots of Vegas ( til we go back next year!)

A fuzzy view from our room at the Sahara

Our hotel from the outside

MGM Grand. had some fun in here!

But we really like New York, New York. Had a lovely meal here at the Italian!

The Mirage, where we saw Love, and we Loved it!

Good 'Ol Freemont Street!! We had a blast here!

Matt and I a little worse for wear after our 'buy one get one free' Maragritas and beer, at the Casino Royale!

A Beautiful Lion in MGM!

The best Buffet is a buffet that has candy floss for dessert!

Me and Big-head Elvis!!

Just for TOM!!

The view form the top of the Stratosphere!
It was really windy that night!!!!!

Matt and I at the top of the Strat before we rode the Big Shot!!

The Big Shot!!

Matt and I a little bit worried before the Big Shot went up!

Us guzzling our Champagne at the Circus Circus Brunch!! Yum, Yum!!


Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Disneyland and Vegas!!

Here are a few pics from my recent trip to Disneyland, Hollywood and Vegas Baby!!
(OK, I'll do Vegas later as this part took forever and now i'm hungry!)

Me enjoying my 'make your own sundae' at Disneys Soda Fountain, It was yummy but the shop was tiny!
Walts star for film on the walk of fame, he also has one for TV!

Roys star on the walk of fame, i'm glad he has one as its not all about Walt you know!!
Matt and
I with the famous Hollywood sign, it is there, just by Matts left ear!
Ain't mater just the cutest?

This is me after Grizzly, I got very wet and ruined my hair, shower cap next time methinks!!

Matt and I posing in DCA, yes I got changed into some dry clothes after grizzly!!!

Me and Mr Incredible, what a hunk!!

Me, Matt and Pluto at DCA

Matt and I with the Big Cheese. I LOVE HIM!!

The Club 33 charger, so pretty!

It's a jolly Hollyday with Kerri!!

Two very well behaved girls, well after reading the rules another time!!

My beautiful Club 33 meal of chiken with truffled Mac and Cheese! The chicken was so succulent and there were no mushrooms in the Mac and cheese!!

Matt and his Hareem!! He loved it!!

Me, Matt and Dale. We love the chipmunks!!!

Is that a good chilli dog Kerri? You didn't think so later!

Me and some of my girls, so sad I didn't get a big group shot but I was having too much fun to think about it!


I was so sad to leave you guys!!

Matt with his 2am IHOP burger, he was so hungry!!

New Blog!!

Hello and welcome to my first blog thingy!

When I have worked out what i'm doing I will post pics and stuff!!